Webinar – Ageing with Brain Injury and its Association with Risk for Dementia

The later-in-life effects of traumatic brain injury has been a subject of debate over the past decade. Increasingly, the association between brain injury and risk of developing dementia has attracted media headlines, influencing the public’s perception about the later-in-life effects. Understanding aging with brain injury involves assessing multiple sources of information regarding typical and problematic […]

Webinar – COVID-19 Teleneuropsychology(TeleNP)

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there is a pressing need for neuropsychology to apply tele-communication technologies to deliver services to patients unable to attend in-person appointments. Encouragingly, new evidence is emerging to support development of novel models of neuropsychology service delivery remotely. Using North America and Australia as examples, this webinar will illustrate […]