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As part of its 5-year strategic plan, the INS Education Committee began the Video Archive as a means of providing an oral history of the Society and the profession. The INS Video Archives includes 26 interviews with some of the most influential leaders in the field, providing a rich oral multinational history of the profession. We anticipate the Archive will continue to grow and will begin to add new luminaries such as Brenda Milner featured in the current INS Newsletter.

For Members: INS Members can now enjoy free access to all 26 current videos on-demand by simply logging into their account and visiting either the Membership or Education tab for a link to the Archive.

For Non-Members: Non-Members can also view pre-selected videos by logging in as “Visitor” under the Education tab. The INS office will post two new videos from the Archive each month, and we invite non-members to check back regularly to see what videos are being offered and what other benefits are available to INS Members.

For Educators: The INS Video Archive is intended as both an INS “member benefit” and as an educational resource for educators. Educators who wish access to specific videos in the Archive can contact the INS office (email: ins@the-ins.org or phone 801.487.0475) to request time-limited free access to the desired videos.

Coming: We have also been collecting videos of a number of Keynote Addresses presented at our recent meetings. Keep an eye out in 2020 for more information on how to access these on the INS website.

Allan Mirsky
INS President 1973

Marcel Kinsbourne
INS President 1977

Kenneth Heilman
INS President 1982

Muriel Lezak
INS President 1987

Harvey Levin
INS President 1989

Linas Bieliauskas
INS President 1992

Donald Stuss
INS President 1994

Gerald Goldstein
INS President 1995

Steven Mattis
INS President 1996

Marilyn Albert
INS President 1997

Ken Adams
INS President 1999

Martha Denkla
INS President 2000

Elizabeth Warrington
INS President 2003

Jason Brandt
INS President 2004

Robert Heaton
INS President 2005

Barbara A Wilson
INS President 2006

Igor Grant
INS President 2007

Jack Fletcher
INS President 2008

Stephen Rao
INS President 2010

Russell Bauer
INS President 2011

Sandra Weintraub
INS President 2012

Jennie Ponsford
INS President 2013

Erin Bigler
INS President 2014

Ann D Watts
INS President 2015

Kathleen Haaland
INS President 2016

Michael Kopelman
INS President 2017

Keith Owen Yeates
INS President 2018

Vicki Anderson
INS President 2019

Brenda Milner
Interview by Dr. Miriam Beauchamp

Leslie Gonzalez-Rothi
Interview by Dr. Robert Bornstein

Alan Baddeley