Citation & Access Guide For JINS Online

How to reference articles and abstracts published in JINS

JINS is published online and in print, while abstracts from INS meetings are published as an online only supplement. JINS uses the APA 6th edition style of referencing. Articles or abstracts that are accepted but not yet published should be referenced as “in press”.

Citation of an article published online and assigned to an issue:

Follow the format below for articles that are published in an online issue of JINS. The citation should be referenced by its unique DOI number and the issue’s overall URL. You can copy the URL for the particular Issue from your browser to your list of citations.

Author names (year). Article title. Journal Name, Volume, Page range. DOI: 10.1017/S0000000000000000, http://URL

For example, the citation for the first article published in Volume 12, issue 6, in 2006 would be:

Author names (2006). Article title. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, Volume 12, pp 765-773, doi:10.1017/S135561770606111X,

How to use a citation to access an article of interest:

Copy the URL and paste into your browser, then click go. For some titles, you may be prompted to then enter your user ID and password before access to the article is given (if you are an INS member, login to your account on the INS web page and then access JINS via the direct link for members, located under the “Members Only” tab). The URL will take you to the Table of Contents for the Issue that includes the article you are interested in. Clicking on the PDF or HTML icon will open the article.

Note that you can access articles of interest without knowing the URLs. If you know the issue number for an article, you can simply click on “All Issues” and then select the volume and issue you want, which will then open the Table of Contents for that issue. If you do not know the year of publication, volume number, or issue number, simply enter the author name or a keyword into the search box (located on the top right corner of the journal’s home page).

Citation for abstracts published in an online supplement:

Abstracts from the INS meetings are published in an online-only JINS supplement, and are not indexed by PubMed. They are cited in the following manner:

Author Names (Published Online: Date). Article Title (Abstract). Journal Name, Volume, Supplement Number. DOI:10.1017/S0000000000000000, http://url/

For example, the citation for the abstracts of Boston 2006 Meeting is as follows:

Author(s) (Published Online by Cambridge University Press: 19 May 2006), Article Title (Abstract). Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, Volume 12, Supplement S1. DOI: 10.1017/S1355617706069918,

Additional information about published meeting abstracts:

JINS Supplement 1 (s1) includes the abstracts of the INS Annual Meeting that occurs each February, whereas JINS Supplement 2 (s2) includes the abstracts for the international or Mid-Year INS Meeting that takes place every July. Meeting abstracts are freely available to all readers via the JINS website, and do not require INS membership or a separate subscription to JINS.

To access meeting abstracts, visit the JINS website on Cambridge Journals Online here: Click on “All Issues”, then select the year you are interested in. Supplemental issues will appear as “Issue s1” and “Issue s2”. Click on the Issue Title to access that issue and all titles within it.