Webinar – Ageing with Brain Injury and its Association with Risk for Dementia

The later-in-life effects of traumatic brain injury has been a subject of debate over the past decade. Increasingly, the association between brain injury and risk of developing dementia has attracted media headlines, influencing the public’s perception about the later-in-life effects. Understanding aging with brain injury involves assessing multiple sources of information regarding typical and problematic aspects of aging. Complex interactions are increasingly understood among brain injury characteristics, such as type, severity and frequency of injury; individual characteristics such as age, gender and genetics; as well as environmental and lifestyle characteristics throughout the aging process.

In this advanced session, we will explore key scientific advances that have enhanced our understanding of ageing with brain injury and its relationship with risk for dementia. The session will aim to address several key questions: What does the scientific research suggest about traumatic brain injury being a risk factor for developing dementia? What mechanisms could be underlying an association? What research is needed to fill important gaps in understanding the later-in-life effects of traumatic brain injury?

We will also explore how recent scientific advances offer opportunities for strategies and interventions to reduce risk for neurodegenerative concerns, health issues, chronic pain and reduced quality of life.