Episode 132 | Reliable Change – With Dr. Kevin Duff

In this episode, we discuss reliable change with Dr. Kevin Duff. Specific topics covered include the purpose of serial assessment, classical test theory, test retest reliability, an introduction to practice effects, factors that increase or decrease practice effects, the reliable change index, standardized regression-based equations, and clinical factors impacting the interpretation of reliable change data.

1.5 CEs – INS Presidential Invitational Webinar 2023

In neuropsychology, we study brain-behavior relationships. We can limit our work to the study of specific brain functions in relation to corresponding behavior, either in healthy or in brain damaged individuals. However, each brain is in the head of a person who lives in a part of the world and has their unique past, present […]

Podcast Episode 128 | Functional Cognitive Disorder – With Dr. Laura McWhirter

Laura McWhirter graduated MBChB from the University of Edinburgh in 2008, having taken an unusual route to medicine after a degree in music from the University of York in 2001.  Dr McWhirter completed specialist training in General Adult and Liaison Psychiatry in South East Scotland in June 2018. She has been active in neuropsychiatry research […]

Webinar – Intervention-curious, occasional dabbler or rehab-fanatic? Roles of the neuropsychologist in rehabilitation and interventions

In this webinar, Dana will challenge the idea that clinical neuropsychologists are primarily assessors of cognition. She will argue that skills in delivery of interventions and rehabilitation are equally essential, with the potential to add substantial value and impact to our role across a wide range of clinical settings. Dana will outline considerations and recommendations […]

Webinar – Advances in TBI: Emerging Role of Imaging and Blood Biomarkers

Across all areas of medicine and research, biomarkers are proving to provide great value in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of injury or disease. Major progress has been achieved toward advancing blood and imaging biomarkers for TBI and concussion. This session will review emerging evidence from large-scale studies of TBI biomarkers in civilians, athletes and military […]

Podcast Episode 122| Parkinson’s Disease – With Dr. Sara Schaefer

This episode is a wide ranging discussion of Parkinson’s disease, with Dr. Sara Schaefer. The conversation begins with basic facts, features, and concepts, and then moves into more complex topics, while covering many critical factors for neuropsychologists to consider. It includes a focus on diagnosis/symptoms, epidemiology, core neuropathology, neurodiagnostic approaches, risk factors (e.g., REM behavior […]

Podcast Episode 104 | Deaf and Hard of Hearing Neuropsychological Evaluations in Children – With Dr. Jennifer Reesman

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Jennifer Reesman about neuropsychological evaluations of children from the D/deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) community. We discuss DHH culture, language deprivation syndrome, medical etiologies of hearing loss, sign language and cued speech, cochlear implants, and various considerations for neuropsychological evaluations in children from the DHH community.