1.5 CEs – INS Presidential Invitational Webinar 2023

In neuropsychology, we study brain-behavior relationships. We can limit our work to the study of specific brain functions in relation to corresponding behavior, either in healthy or in brain damaged individuals. However, each brain is in the head of a person who lives in a part of the world and has their unique past, present and plans for the future. And in this perspective lies the focus of the exciting field of neuropsychological rehabilitation.

In this webinar, an overview of past, present and future directions in neuropsychological rehabilitation is offered based on evidence from research in the past 20 years. New developments in cognitive enhancement are discussed, alongside the current focus of clinical practice. Future directions are shared which are open to discussion.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain what neuroplasticity after brain damage entails.

2. Describe at least two rehabilitation techniques.

3. Apply a biopsychosocial perspective to neuropsychological rehabilitation.

Presenter: Caroline van Heugten, PhD, Professor of Neuropsychology – Maastricht University, the Netherlands.