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Welcome to your latest edition of the INS Newsletter! I am thrilled to be taking over as the Newsletter Editor, and hope that you enjoy all the features and content put together by your INS Newsletter team. We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions, so if you have any kudos or ideas for future editions please do not hesitate to email meThank you for supporting INS and this newsletter with your membership.

Cady Block, PhD
INS Newsletter Editor

Cady Block, PhD
Newsletter Editor
Maxine Krengel, PhD
Clinical Cases
Natalie Grima, DPsych
Clinical Cases
Pamela Dean, PhD
Science in Action
Omar Alhassoon, PhD
International Editor


INS 2019 in Rio de Janeiro SN1

As of 17 June 2019, INS members from the US, Canada, Australia, or Japan can travel

visa-free to #INS2019inRio!

INS 2019 in Rio is scheduled for 10-12 July 2019, have you booked your ticket yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Select countries can now travel visa-free, and by booking before 20 April 2019 you save 10% off registration. 

Aside from all the opportunities for collaboration, the potential mentorship connections, the social events, and the latest on brain science, remember that INS meetings are an excellent opportunity to add to your CV! We offer a growing number of awards, submit your name here to be considered:
– Butters Award: outstanding postdoctoral submission ($500 USD)
– Rennick Award: outstanding graduate student submission ($500 USD)
– Cermak Award: best submission in memory/memory disorders ($500 USD)
– Korkman Award: best student submission in pediatrics ($500 USD)
– SLC Research Awards: up to student 5 abstract winners ($200 USD)

As a final note: we are going back to our roots! The INS would like to hear more about how you are bringing your roots to Rio. We are collecting member stories about their own pathways to the field. Please submit your story by emailing the INS main office. Some sample stories include:

“I started my career initially as a personality researcher interested in intimacy 

and self-disclosure, but then discovered the brain as the source of it all.”

“Neuropsychology was just emerging at the time of my involvement in INS. I saw how exciting the field was, with great connections to mentors/colleagues.”

INS welcomes new Executive Director SN2

Marc Norman, PhD
The INS is very proud to announce our new incoming Executive Director: Marc Norman, PhD. Dr. Norman is a board-certified neuropsychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California-San Diego Health in San Diego, CA, USA. Dr. Norman is already acquainted with leadership in the INS, having served as Member-At-Large for the past three years. 
Recently, INS Newsletter Editor Cady Block, PhD, sat down with Dr. Norman to learn more about him and his…Click to read more.

Recap of INS 2019 in NYC SN3

#INS2019inNYC was a resounding success! Many thanks to the hard work of Program Chair Michael Kirkwood, PhD and INS Programming Committee, as well as all speakers and presenters. Attendees were able to enjoy a strong scientific program, connecting with others via special interest group sessions and social events, and explore all that New York City had to offer!

To view or submit meeting-related photos, click here.
To view CE courses and complete CE evaluations, click here.
To see information about future INS meetings, click here.text

Announcing second NYC Marriott package winner SN4

Clair Barefoot, MA
Congratulations to the winner of our second NYC Marriott package giveaway winner, Clair Barefoot. She currently works at the Erica Baker Psychological Services/Nova Scotia Rehabilitation and Arthritis Centre. As you may recall, there were two lucky winners for the raffle prize at this year’s meeting in New York City, USA. Winners both receive two tickets to the Times Square New Year’s Eve Gala in the beautiful NYC Marriott Marquis. This includes guest accommodations, reception with dinner and live entertainment, VIP street access to the ball drop, and breakfast the following morning. Clair, enjoy your trip to NYC on the INS!

INS Member-At-Large wins prestigious award SN5

Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla, PhD
Congratulations to INS Member-At-Large, Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla, PhD, on being named the recipient of the 2019 Mitchel Rosenthal Mid-Career Award from the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Established in 2013, this very competitive and prestigious international award recognizes clinician-scientists who have made substantial contributions to the specialty of brain injury rehabilitation. Congratulations again to Dr. Arango Lasprilla on this well-deserved honor!

INS bids farewell to longstanding member SN6

Robert Ivnik, PhD
It is with great sorrow that the INS announces the passing of a longstanding friend and colleague, Robert Ivnik, PhD, ABPP. Dr. Ivnik was known to many members of the society, and the field of neuropsychology more broadly. He had an important role in petitioning the American Psychological Association for the recognition of neuropsychology as a specialty. He also served as a delegate to the conference that established US training guidelines.
Courtesy of Glenn Smith, PhD, and the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, Dr. Ivnik’s life and contributions…Click here to read more.


From the INS Video Library SPF1

Brenda Milner, PhD, is a British-Canadian neuropsychologist who contributed to the empirical literature on memory and cognition. Sometimes referred to as the founder of neuropsychology, as of 2005 she holds more than 20 degrees and remains active at work even after the field celebrated her 100th birthday in July 2018! 
You can read about her career, and watch the interview led by Miriam Beauchamp, PhD.
Marcel Kinsbourne, DM, is an Austrian-born neurologist and neuroscientist who completed his medical training at Oxford University then held professorships at Duke and University of Toronto. He then led the Behavioral Neurology Research Division at the Shriver Center in Boston, MA, USA. He is a past INS President and pioneer in the study of lateralization.
You can read about his career, and watch the interview led by Deborah Fein, PhD.

NavNeuro Podcast SPF2

Keith Yeates, PhD
In this edition of the Navigating Neuropsychology podcast series, our hosts John Bellone, PhD, and Ryan Van Patten, PhD, lead an hour-long discussion with INS President Keith Yeates, PhD. In this episode, Dr. Yeates discusses:
– How has the field of neuropsychology changed in the past 30 years?
– How does one attain and succeed in leadership in neuropsychology?
– What are some of the current initiatives and future goals of the INS?

For answers to these and other questions…Click here to listen.

What We’re Reading SPF3

Never Enough: The Neuroscience & Experience of Addiction
Judith Grisel, PhD
Doubleday, ©2019, pp. 238
A behavioral neuroscientist with expertise in pharmacology and genetics at Bucknell University, Dr. Judith Grisel’s newest work is a deep-dive into the neuroscience of addiction. A New York Times bestseller, Grisel’s Never Enough draws on personal and scientific insights to reveal how drugs work, ways to combat the epidemic of addiction, and…Click here to read more.

Netter’s Neuroscience Coloring Book
David Felten, MD, PhD, & Mary Maida, PhD
Elsevier, ©2018, pp. 336
As any student of the brain will attest, good working knowledge of anatomy is essential. Reinforce your understanding of neuroanatomy, neuroscience, and neuropathology with this fun, interactive learning resource. This book also includes study questions and clinical notes on more than one hundred different…Click here to read more.


Clinical Cases SF1

Jennifer Papoutsis,PhD

Michael Fahey, MD
This newsletter edition, a fascinating and unique clinical case was contributed by two INS members from Australia: Jennifer Papoutsis, PhD, and Michael Fahey, MD. The case presented by Dr. Papoutsis and Dr. Fahey is that of febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome, also known as FIRES.

FIRES is an epileptic encephalopathy, presenting as explosive onset of prolonged treatment-resistant status epilepticus that often necessitated intensive care management. Clinical outcomes tend to be quite poor, with survivors often experiencing profound and long-term impairments in their neurocognitive and neurobehavioral functioning. 
While FIRES may be encountered across the lifespan, it is far more common in children making it a rare but challenging entity in this clinical population. 
Note that this edition’s case authors span disciplines of neuropsychology and pediatric neurology. From this combined viewpoint, the authors walk readers through a complex case presentation, history, and evaluation findings before providing concluding commentary and…Click here to read more

Science in Action SF2

Pamela Dean, PhD
One of the goals of research is the replicability of studies, which provides further evidence and substantiation of research findings. However, there has been a growing concern within the scientific community in recent years regarding low rates of replication in psychological, neuroscience, and related science research. This has been termed the reproducibility crisis within the scientific community. To take a more careful look at this issue…Click here to read more

International News SF3

Jonathan Evans, PhD
There is huge inequality in access to neuropsychology services around the world. Many countries have few neuropsychologists to provide evaluations or interventions for people with brain-related conditions. Dr. Charles Matthews, who served as INS President in 1992, was an advocate for making the INS instrumental in developing neuropsychology throughout the world. 

In 2003, the INS instituted the annual Charles G. Matthews International Neuropsychological Development Fund. This year’s deadline will be on 1 May 2019. For further details on how to apply…Click here to read more.

The Czech Association for Neuropsychology (CAN), in cooperation with the Neuropsychology Laboratory and Department of Neurology and Centre of Clinical Neuroscience of Charles University in Prague, would like to announce the 2019 National Neuropsychological Prize of Jiri Diamant. The Diamant Prize is awarded for the best publication with a significant impact on the level of knowledge in the field of neuropsychology in one of the following disciplines: clinical, experimental, or cognitive. 

Czech researchers working in neuropsychology at local institutions or abroad are invited to submit publications for the prize. Priority is given to studies published in English and are accessible through PubMed or Web of Science.

Students and Trainees SF4

Corey Bolton, MA
Student programming at INS 2019 in NYC was a great success! The SLC would like to express our gratitude to event speakers and attendees. The student social was a success given our nearly 140 students in attendance! We appreciate the support of Program Chair Mike Kirkwood, and exhibitors who donated $2000 in prizes: Cambridge, Guilford, Springer, Wiley, Oxford, Green’s, PAR, Pearson, and WPS. 

Congratulations to our 2019 SLC Student Research Award winners: Madeleine Werhane, Lauren Irwin, Kelsey Thomas, Lauren Oberlin, and Elizabeth Wallace! We are also excited to announce…Click here to read more.

Special Interest Groups SF5

SIG ribbons at INS
Did you happen to notice any attendees at INS 2019 in NYC wore colorful ribbons on their conference badges? If so, you saw our INS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in action! Fortunately, there is still room to grow! Interested in movement disorders? How about dementia? Pediatrics? Neurorehabilitation? Neuroimaging? The potential opportunities are endless! 

The INS Scientific Committee is accepting applications for new SIGs on a rolling basis. Email us today for more information!


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