INS San Diego 2023 Late CE Requests

Welcome! This page is for anyone who attended the INS San Diego 2023 Meeting, registered for one or more CE events, but does not yet have one or more CE certificates from the meeting for any of the following reasons:

1. Your attendance was not recorded for some reason, or there was an error in the process at some point.

2. You did not complete the evaluation form for one or more sessions.

3. Something else happened not listed here, but you definitely registered for the CE yet still do not have the certificate.

Kindly note that beginning in 2024, we request that each person who registers for and attends a CE event completes the associated evaluation form within three months after the event has ended. This will help our attendees get CE in a timely manner and reduce late requests.

Before submitting this form, please check your account to ensure that your CE certificate is not already there. Be sure to click on the CE Certificates tab. 

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