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JINS Special Issue: Physical Activity
and Brain Plasticity

Co-organizers: Kirk I. Erickson, J. Carson
Smith, and Stephen M. Rao




To identify the populations, brain regions, and behaviors associated with beneficial effects of physical activity (PA).
To describe the specificity of associations and the potential mechanisms by which physical activity influences behavior.
To describe the similarities and differences between the effects of PA on brain plasticity in clinical compared to healthy populations.
To identify the effects of acute single sessions of exercise on measures of brain function and cognition.
To describe the influence of longer-term participation in, or differing amounts of habitual PA, on measures of brain function and cognition.



Introduction to the JINS Special Issue: Physical Activity and Brain Plasticity
J.C. Smith, K.I. Erickson, and S.M. Rao

Long-Term Effects of Resistance Exercise Training on Cognition and Brain
Volume in Older Women: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

J.R. Best, B.K. Chiu, C.L. Hsu, L.S. Nagamatsu, and T. Liu-Ambrose

Improved Cardiorespiratory Fitness Is Associated with Increased
Cortical Thickness in Mild Cognitive Impairment

K. Reiter, K.A. Nielson, T.J. Smith, L.R. Weiss, A.J. Alfi ni, and J.C. Smith

Aerobic and Cognitive Exercise (ACE) Pilot Study for Older Adults: Executive
Function Improves with Cognitive Challenge While Exergaming

N. Barcelos, N. Shah, K. Cohen, M.J. Hogan, E. Mulkerrin, P.J. Arciero,
B.D. Cohen, A.F. Kramer, and C. Anderson-Hanley

Physical Activity Is Positively Associated with Episodic Memory in Aging
S.M. Hayes, M.L. Alosco, J.P. Hayes, M. Cadden, K.M. Peterson,
K. Allsup, D.E. Forman, R.A. Sperling, and M. Verfaellie

Acute Exercise Improves Prefrontal Cortex but not Hippocampal Function in Healthy Adults
J.C. Basso, A. Shang, M. Elman, R. Karmouta, and W.A. Suzuki

Age Moderates the Association of Aerobic Exercise with Initial
Learning of an Online Task Requiring Cognitive Control

P.J. O’Connor, P.D. Tomporowski, and R.K. Dishman

Association between Lifetime Physical Activity and Cognitive Functioning in Middle-Aged
and Older Community Dwelling Adults: Results from the Brain in Motion Study

S.J. Gill, C.M. Friedenreich, T.T. Sajobi, R.S. Longman, L.L. Drogos, M.H. Davenport, A.V. Tyndall,
G.A. Eskes, D.B. Hogan, M.D. Hill, J.S. Parboosingh, B.J. Wilson, and M.J. Poulin

Influence of Physical Activity on Human Sensory Long-Term Potentiation
N. Smallwood, M.J. Spriggs, C.S. Thompson, C.C. Wu, J.P. Hamm, D. Moreau, and I.J. Kirk

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Attenuates the Influence of Amyloid on Cognition
S.A. Schultz, E.A. Boots, R.P. Almeida, J.M. Oh, J. Einerson, C.E. Korcarz, D.F. Edwards, R.L. Koscik,
M.N. Dowling, C.L. Gallagher, B.B. Bendlin, B.T. Christian, H. Zetterberg, K. Blennow, C.M. Carlsson,
S. Asthana, B.P. Hermann, M.A. Sager, S.C. Johnson, J.H. Stein, and O.C. Okonkwo

Daily Physical Activity Is Associated with Subcortical Brain Volume and Cognition in Heart Failure
M.L. Alosco, A.M. Brickman, M.B. Spitznagel, L.H. Sweet, R. Josephson, E.Y. Griffi th, A. Narkhede, J. Hughes, and J. Gunstad

Physical Activity as Protective Factor against Dementia: A Prospective Population-Based Study (NEDICES)
S. Llamas-Velasco, I. Contador, A. Villarejo-Galende, D. Lora-Pablos, and F. Bermejo-Pareja

Prefrontal and Hippocampal Brain Volume Defi cits: Role of Low Physical
Activity on Brain Plasticity in First-Episode Schizophrenia Patients

S.C. McEwen, A. Hardy, B.M. Ellingson, B. Jarrahi, N. Sandhu,
K.L. Subotnik, J. Ventura, and K.H. Nuechterlein

Physical Activity Affects Brain Integrity in HIV + Individuals
M. Ortega, L.M. Baker, F. Vaida, R. Paul, B. Basco, and B.M. Ances