Webinar – Challenges in defining and guiding practice in cognitive interventions for acquired brain injury cohorts

This session will discuss clinical practice guidelines in stroke and TBI. Prof Jennie Ponsford will provide an overview of the methods used to develop and update the INCOG Guidelines 2.0. Highlights of the revised recommendations for conducting rehabilitation in individuals with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic amnesia, impairments of attention, executive function, cognitive communication functions and memory will be presented, including discussion of the approaches taken, with an emphasis on assessment, goal setting, application and evaluation of outcomes of interventions in real world contexts. The use of algorithms will also be illustrated. Using the recent joint European Stroke Organisation and European Academy of Neurology guidance on post stroke cognitive impairment as an exemplar, Dr Terry Quinn will discuss the development of those guidelines and their application. Throughout the session areas where there is a need for further research will also be highlighted.