Episode 144 | Financial Decision Making in Older Adults – A Conversation With Dr. Duke Han

In this episode, we discuss various aspects of financial decision making in older adults with Dr. Duke Han. Topics covered include age associated financial vulnerability, risk factors for financial exploitation, specific types of financial exploitation, relationships between cognitive abilities and financial decision making, relevant neuropsychological assessment instruments, declines in financial decision making as a harbinger of Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, socioeconomic and sociocultural factors, the protective effects of financial literacy, advice for clinical neuropsychological evaluations, and prevention/intervention.

Episode 142 | Delirium – A Conversation With Dr. Kirk Stucky

In this episode, we discuss various aspects of delirium with Dr. Kirk Stucky. Topics covered include definitions and terminology, prevalence, risk factors, functional reserve, hypoactive and hyperactive presentations, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis with dementia, mental health symptoms, cognitive assessment, and prevention/intervention.

Episode 138 | Executive Functions in the Developing Brain – A Conversation With Dr. Adele Diamond

This episode is a discussion with Dr. Adele Diamond about executive functions (EFs), with a focus on children and the developing brain. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including models of EFs, three core EFs (inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility), the differential development of EF components during childhood, the ability of early EFs to predict later life outcomes, relationships between EFs and fluid intelligence, assessment of EFs, task impurity, and interventions to improve EFs in children.