Cambridge Scholars Publishing – Invitation to Submit Book Proposals

Cambridge Scholars Publishing are inviting proposals for academic books and edited collections in Humanities and Social Sciences. To submit a book proposal, please visit our website, where you can complete a Book Proposal Form, and find out more about us. We publish in all major fields of academic research and practice, including Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Health Sciences.

You can get some ideas on how to publish with us from these guidelines.

Since our foundation in Cambridge, UK, 20 years ago, Cambridge Scholars Publishing have grown to be one of the world’s leading scholarly book publishers, with a backlist of more than 8000 titles, and more than 700 academic books due to be published this year. Though we remain proud of our roots, Cambridge Scholars Publishing Limited is not affiliated to, or associated with, Cambridge University Press or the University of Cambridge.

We make these promises to our authors and editors:

We are always happy to share our philosophy and approach to scholarly publishing. You can learn more about Cambridge Scholars Publishing from this exclusive No Shelf Required online magazine profile.

We hope you will consider proposing a book to publish with us. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, 

Adam Rummens
Commissioning Editor

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