Presenter Instructions

IMPORTANT: All speakers must visit the Speaker Ready Room by NO LATER THAN 24 hours prior to their session. We cannot guarantee your presentation files will be available in your session of they are not delivered well in advance.

Lyceum Room, 5th Floor

Speaker Ready Room Hours:
Wed Feb 14: 8–10 AM, 11:30–1 PM and 3–6 PM
Thu Feb 15: 6:45–12:15 PM and 1:15–6 PM
Fri Feb 16: 6:45–12:00 PM and 1:00–5:30 PM
Sat Feb 17: 6:45-12:30 PM


All speakers (including Plenary Speakers, CE instructors, and all presenters in Paper and Symposia Sessions) are required to check-in at the Speaker Ready Room NO LATER than 24 hours prior to their assigned session. A technician will be available during posted hours to help upload presentations to a central system. Speakers are strongly encouraged to check-in the day before their scheduled presentation. This will ease transitions between sessions where time is extremely tight.

Presenters are not permitted to use their own computers or devices. In each lecture hall, presenters will have access to a laptop, mouse, laser pointer, and microphone.

PRESENTATION FILES: Please bring your presentation file with you on a USB memory stick/flash drive for easy export. If your presentation is in a format other than PowerPoint, or if it requires special programming, please inform the INS office at as soon as possible. If you have video or audio clips embedded in your presentation, please bring a copy of those files along with your PowerPoint. Please note no handouts will be distributed.

FILE UPLOADS: If you wish to upload your slides ahead of time, you may do so. Please name them as follows and upload them to the correct weekday for your assigned session:

Time_Session Name_Author_version #
For example, 2:15pm_Paper 06_Name_version1

You may upload a new version every time you edit your files. IMPORTANT! Even if you upload your files, please stop by the Speaker Ready Room well ahead of your session to ensure they have your most current version. >> UPLOAD FILES HERE (Remember to load to the correct week day)


To whatever extent possible, all symposium presenters must report to the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours before their session to upload their presentation to a central system.

Most paper sessions are 85 minutes in length and consist of six (6) individual presentations. Each session will have a moderator, selected from the Program Committee, who will introduce the speakers, help solve any problems, and keep the session running on time through strict adherence to the time limits stated below. 

Paper presenters will have approximately 12 minutes to present their paper (including time for their introduction by the session moderator). Then, immediately following each presentation, the moderator will guide a 2-minute question and answer period. Please help the moderator and be respectful of other authors by staying within your allotted time, as each session is under a strict time limitation.


To whatever extent possible, all symposium presenters must report to the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours before their session to upload their presentation to a central system.

All symposia sessions are 85 minutes in length. It is up to the Symposium Chair’s discretion to divide the time amongst the individual abstracts, the discussant, and to allow time for audience discussion and questions. Please stay within the time allotted by the Symposium Chair, as each session is under strict time limits.


Please visit this page for all poster instructions.

To find your assigned session and your final poster board number, please visit the searchable meeting program on the INS website at Search by your name or abstract title to find your assigned poster session. Your final poster number will be displayed under your abstract title. If you have any difficulty finding your final poster number, please email